Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Virtual Tours Cut College Visit Costs

With more bad news about the economy and cuts to financial aid popping up every day, it's no wonder the high school class of 2010 is cutting back on college visits this summer and fall. But just because you can't afford to visit a particular college doesn't mean you can't get a peek at what the campus, classrooms, dorms, and surrounding city or town are like...and you can do it without leaving your laptop.

The past few years has seen increasing numbers of colleges offering "virtual campus tours" on their Websites. Recently, there's been a boon in companies that gather tours from hundreds of colleges all on one site, and provide potential students with the opportunity to "see" schools before they apply. The sites are free and some offer a variety of other tools and information, including application and admissions data and ways to connect with other students who are considering the same schools. On one site, you can even virtually furnish a model of your future dorm room!

So don't worry if your bank account can't bear a trip of the East Coast schools or a foray to all the UC campuses. Check out these virtual tour sites and you'll have hundreds of colleges at your fingertips.

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